Adcount Oy, established in 2005, is a Finnish accounting and tax firm specialized in company formation and services for foreign companies and individuals. We are a leading company in our field offering registration, accounting and tax services for foreigners. Our office is located in Kamppi, Helsinki, just 100m from Stockmann.


We at Adcount think that setting up a company should be easy! Unfortunately, in Finland this is not always the case: Incorporation process contains several vital steps that require knowledge and understanding of Finnish. Understanding requirements of a company formation process can be quite overwhelming. Even a slightest mistake can prolong or even fail the registration process and increase costs of the company formation. Our company formation done by a professional accountant is a sure way to get everthing correct from the first application! After we have registered your company, we will help you with Finnish accounting, tax and payroll for a reasonable price.


Our mission is to make our customer's business establishing in Finland as easy as possible. With over 10 years’ experience and hundreds of successful business start-ups, we are a reliable and trusted formation agent in Finland. You will benefit from simplicity, security and speedy service with no hidden charges.


Our dedicated team of 3 professional accountants and 1 admin consultant can undertake the whole process of registering your company in Finland from start to finish, as well as offer a wide range of legal, accounting and tax services. After registering your company, your reporting obligations begin. That is why it is very important to have a reliable accountant to work with from the beginning. As a recognized accounting and tax firm, we will help your company to meet Finnish reporting and employer obligations throughout the life cycle of your business.

All of our friendly and professional accountants and tax consultants have language proficiency in English. We use the latest online accounting software. You can find our Finnish accounting firm site here.

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