We help foreign companies to establish their operations in Finland through a branch office. Branch is a company trading from a fixed place of business in the company’s name and on its behalf.

We also provide help for companies from outside EEA countries to acquire a permission from the National Board of Patents and Registration to set up a branch in Finland.

Opening a branch requires a representative that is a resident in Finland or the EEA area. A branch office does not require fixed capital, but it gives rise to other tax and reporting liabilities that our accounting and tax team can help with.


  • Company name: Same as foreign trader
  • Shareholders: Same as foreign trader
  • Board of directors: Same as foreign trader
  • A representative: Required
  • Address in Finland: Required
  • Bank account: Not required

Permanent Establishment

If a foreign company’s Finnish operations give rise to a Permanent Establishment (PE), we provide assistance with PE’s obligations like the registration process, income tax, VAT and employer obligations.

Branch or Subsidiary?

A branch and a subsidiary have different tax principles. A subsidiary is, by its legal form, a limited company where the majority of the shares are owned by its foreign parent company. Subsidiary can not have same company name as its parent company. We will assist on choosing the right company form and consult on the differences of these forms. With our help, registration of a subsidiary in Finland is very simple and takes about 3-4 weeks.

Formation package

Set up a Branch of a Foreign Trader with our online incorporation package. Documentation is prepared and delivered electronically via email. Incorporation package includes:

Support throughout the process

  • E-mail and phone support
  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Follow-up of registration process


  • Evidence of the establishment of the branch
  • Evidence of the appointment of a representative
  • Description of business conducted in Finland for Tax Authority

Filing of Start-Up Notification

  • Checking eligibility of applicant
  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Our consultant as a contact person for Trade Register
  • Power of Attorney
  • Submission of all documents to the Finnish Trade register and Tax Authorities

Tax Registrations (optional)

  • Trade Register
  • Tax Authorities' customer register
  • VAT-register
  • Prepayment register
  • Employer register

Registration of a Branch 1.200€