First step of becoming an employer in Finland starts by registering to the Register of Employers.

If you have a business based outside Finland that pays wages to an employee working in Finland, you may have tax and social security-related employer obligations to fulfil. For a foreign company registration as an employer in Finland does not require setting up a company in Finland; you can register to employer register only.

Employer Contributions

Finland has several compulsory insurances including pension, unemployment, group health, and accident insurance. Employer tax and social security fee are calculated and paid to Tax Office monthly, quarterly or annually. To get a representation of all social costs of employing in Finland, we created a calculator/template that you can download here:

Download Excel

Obligations of a Foreign Employer

Obligations of a foreign employer in Finland depend on whether or not the company is considered to have a permanent establishment in Finland. Our consultants will help your company meet the reporting obligation. As an full-service accounting company we offer also payroll services.

Employer Registration in Finland 500€